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ABC DEclutter with JJ

We are professional decluttering coaches who have experience in guiding people through setting a plan, executing that plan, and maintaining their successes

We have worked with ‘new to decluttering’ clients, as well as experienced declutterers who just need a little boost. We teach you individually, as a group, or a combination of each through our challenges, trainings, and motivational prompts within our Facebook community.

We also help people learn how to clean their homes. Whether you are using natural cleaners, or not. We teach you how to use the basic tools, as well as some of the fun new things that are out there.

Our goal is to relieve your angst, overwhelm, guilt, and clutter-caused depression. 

“We have combined our experiences, skills, and knowledge to offer our services to people that feel stuck, alone, lost, or in a mess. We have routines, methods, strategies, and systems to help you whether you are new to the idea of decluttering (or cleaning & organizing) or well on your way!” - JJs

Working with groups of women to declutter, clean, & organize their homes over the past years, Julie & Janis have developed some amazing routines, methods, strategies, and systems that work!

We have assisted people in group settings, as well as one on one. 

We have a wonderful, helpful, engaged, non-judgmental community group on Facebook. Our members have become not just acquaintances, but friends.

We offer tips, hints, how-to’s, trainings, challenges, and laughter. Join us!


Is Clutter Running Your Life?


Do you go outside to take a selfie because the house is a mess?
Pretend you're not home when the doorbell rings?
Feel like you are being judged if someone comes into your home?

We have both been there! The clutter just gets a bit deeper and deeper and then ... CHAOS ensues ... (CHAOS = Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

You can do this. Time to make your home feel comfortable again. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. No need to hang on to the overwhelm. 

  • Do you feel like... I'll never get this tackled?
  • Does it seem... like you are alone and can't share this journey?
  • Are you frustrated that... no matter what you do the mess is always there?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... have too much stuff?