It's Time To Start ...

Clearing Your Clutter

Ready to take charge of your space and finally conquer clutter? Join us now to overcome overwhelm, tackle Hot Spots, eliminate DOOM Boxes (Didn't Organize, Only Moved), and preserve sentimental items. Start decluttering and take back control today!

  • How to overcome Overwhelm & START, We'll help you know where & how to start DEcluttering. Let's get rid of anxiety!
  • Take control of Hot Spots! those flat surfaces that collect clutter.
  • De-DOOM-ify DOOM Boxes (Didn't Organize, Only Moved) those boxes, bags, chairs, rooms that you stuff things into "temporarily" to hide from visitors. You will learn how to systematically delete them!


*Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome


*WELL-kept,  Clean, Organized, Manageable, Enjoyable

At ABC DEclutter with JJ, We Help Our Clients Move Beyond The "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" (CHAOS) to a space where you are proud to have friends and family gather.
We Teach You Not Only HOW to Declutter, but get you to "Maintenance Mode" in Your Decluttered Home!

​It Feels So Wonderful To Have a Clean & Tidy Home!
"A Place For Everything, and Everything In It's Place"
YOU Can Live It!
​Have The Home You Dreamed Of!!
​Peaceful, Calm, Clean, Organized!

Here Are Some Details

Clearing Your Clutter 5-week Course

Week One: Visual Clutter (hotspots)
​Week Two: DOOM boxes (Didn't Organize, Only Moved)
​Week Three: Review Weeks 1 & 2, then Papers!
​Week Four: Sentimental & Heirloom Items
Week Five: Pulling It all Together & Getting Your Housemates on board

How We Deliver Your Course

Email & Zoom

Each week you will receive access to that week's course videos in your Membership Site. We'll email you when it's ready!
​There will be a Live Zoom call every Thursday.
​(Sometimes we throw in an extra Zoom call!)
We also have worksheets and tracking charts for you

What Our Clients Say ...

"B" in Utah

"I wandered around the house this morning, and loved how tidy everything is. I literally didn’t have any tasks but making the bed."

"A" in Nevada

"This program gave more step by step and in depth training compared to other programs. I felt that once I was done watching the videos and going through them right along side you that I was able to continue without the confusion that I’ve often felt with other programs. "

"M" in Maryland

"Thanks to your processes I have been able to make headway and it is giving me the confidence to address Doom* Rooms that I have been avoiding due to fear and anxiety."

*DOOM = Didn't Organize, Only Moved (all the stuff you stashed to "clean up" before guests arrived).