Small Do-able Doses

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Starting a decluttering task can be overwhelming, daunting, scary, seemingly hopeless.
Fear not! Many have come before you and can tell the tales of success!

I have found that one of the best ways to start is in “Small Do-able Doses”. I’m sure that you have read, or heard people talk, about setting a timer. If you are truly paralyzed in place by your possessions, this is a way to help un-paralyze yourself.

a) Pick one drawer. Potholder drawer? Kitchen utensils? Whatever is close.

b) Now: four boxes - labelled “Keep”, “Lives Elsewhere” (items that don’t belong here, but are keepers), “Trash”, “Goes Out” 

You can also use paper bags if that is what you have on hand.

c) Timer: Set it for 5 minutes (you can do anything for 5 minutes!)

d) Do not overthink! Start your timer and just empty that drawer into those 4 boxes!
Do you love it? Do you need it? Do you use it?

e) When your drawer is empty, clean it! Wipe it out, sanitize it, whatever floats your boat!

f) Now: Replace your ‘keep’ items in an orderly way. Will dividers help?

You just decluttered (and cleaned and organized)!! Look at you go!

Take the trash out now, remove your donation box, take your “lives elsewhere” and put them where they belong.

Are you still feeling it? Do another drawer. Pick a shelf you can do. How about the end table next to your chair? The timer is your friend. Consider it an encouraging friend.

Doing a ‘Decluttering Dozen’ is our 12-minute dose. This includes putting things away, finding the right home for items, taking donations to the car, trash to the can. This may be a more realistic timeframe for you, since your task is truly complete. {No other little piles around, etc.}

Congratulations! You are now in charge. You are a DEclutterer!!

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