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has clutter taken over your life?

Anxious, Frustrated, Overwhelmed?
Is Your House A Mess?


Does This Sound Like You?

Do you walk in your door and, seeing the state of your home, your blood pressure jumps and your shoulders tighten?! 

Have you had to re-purchase something that you know is already somewhere in your house, but you can't find it?

Are there piles of stuff on most of the flat surfaces in your home? 

Julie & Janis have both dealt with these feelings, these challenges, these messes! We've created some easy to use methods, routines, & systems to alleviate the frustration, the anxiety, the ... "ARGH! I want to relax in my home!!"

  • Do you feel like your house is always a mess!
  • Do you move & hide items when taking a selfie because it's usually messy behind you?
  • Are you frustrated that you simply don't know where to start?
  • ​When it comes down to it, do you live in a house that is not restful for you?
  • Are you suffering from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

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Get To Know
ABC DEclutter with JJ  Better

We've 'Been There, Done That!'
~ Decluttering, Cleaning, Organizing ~
​Now We Have MUCH More Manageable Homes!


Get To Know
ABC DEclutter with JJ  Better

We've 'Been There, Done That!'
~ Decluttering, Cleaning, Organizing ~
​Now We Have MUCH More Manageable Homes!

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As an experienced professional trainer, Julie is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Her decluttering journey came to her later in life as she finally started looking at why she cluttered in the first place. Julie has coached dozens of clients, and now is ready to guide you to the peace and calm that she has personally discovered through decluttering and bringing order to her own home.

Cleaning is something she had to learn on her own, and can now teach others!.

As an optometrist, Janis has spent over 30 years helping her patients see clearly and is ready to help you create your vision of a home that brings you peace and happiness.

Her decluttering started in 2006 with Flylady; however, she still struggles to declutter her over abundant fabric stash and inherited photographs.

Having coached dozens of clients, Janis is ready to help you declutter your home too.
(Janis is an amazing cleaning machine as well!)

MORE ABOUT:  ABC DEclutter with JJ

Julie Weisgerber & Janis Kosmala

We are professional decluttering coaches who have experience in guiding people through setting a plan, executing that plan, and maintaining their successes.

We have worked with ‘new to decluttering’ clients, as well as experienced declutterers who just need a little boost. We teach you individually, as a group, or a combination of each through our challenges, trainings, and motivational prompts within our Facebook community.

We also help people learn how to clean their homes. Whether you are using natural cleaners, or not. We teach you how to use the basic tools, as well as some of the fun new things that are out there.

“We have combined our experiences, skills, and knowledge to offer our services to people that feel stuck, alone, lost, or in a mess. We have routines, methods, strategies, and systems to help you whether you are new to the idea of decluttering (or cleaning & organizing) or well on your way!” - JJs  

Working with groups of women to declutter, clean, & organize their homes over the past years, Julie & Janis have developed some amazing routines, methods, strategies, and systems that work!

We have assisted people in group settings, as well as one on one.

We have a wonderful, helpful, engaged, non-judgmental community group on Facebook. Our members have become not just acquaintances, but friends.

We offer tips, hints, how-to’s, trainings, challenges, and laughter. Join us!

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Some Blogs to Get You Started!!

ABC DEclutter With JJ Store

Courses, Memberships, Even A Few Freebies!

 Are You Ready For It?!! 

Clearing Your Clutter

Are your Flat Surfaces acting like Clutter Magnets?
​Do you have Boxes of Stuff shoved in closets that you were just "Moving Out of the Way Temporarily"? Papers disorganized and all over? Toys & Books laying about. Clothes everywhere?

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At ABC DEclutter with JJ, We Help Our Clients Move Beyond The "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" (CHAOS) , and Teach You Not Only HOW to Declutter, but we get you to "Maintenance Mode" in Your Decluttered Home!
​It Feels So Wonderful To Have a Clean & Tidy Home!
"A Place For Everything, and Everything In It's Place"
YOU Can Live It!
​Have The Home You Dreamed Of!!
Peaceful, Calm, Clean, Organized!


A Few Words From Our Clients


"I wandered around the house this morning, and loved how tidy everything is. I literally didn’t have any tasks but making the bed."



""This program gave more step by step and in depth training compared to other programs. I felt that once I was done watching the videos and going through them right along side you that I was able to continue without the confusion that I’ve often felt with other programs. "



"Thanks to your processes I have been able to make headway and it is giving me the confidence to address Doom* Rooms that I have been avoiding due to fear and anxiety."

*DOOM = Didn't Organize, Only Moved (all the stuff you stashed to "clean up" before guests arrived)


What We Have Developed For You!

Offerings From The JJs

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 Let's Work With Friends!!

Zoom Away DOOM Membership

90-minute Zoom Work Session, twice monthly timed work sessions, with  guidance & support. Like minded community of decluttering & organizing people.
Let’s empty those Didn’t Organize, Only Moved (DOOM) boxes & bags! Or work on anything you’d like while we utilize the pomodoro technique and time our sessions.

With this membership you will discover:

  • A set time for you to get work done each month - can you say accountability? :)  That's a minimum of 3 hours of focused decluttering!!
  • ​It's more FUN to declutter with friends! when you have people that you're working with, time goes faster and tasks seem easier. Besides ... #LaughterHeals ;)
  • Making more "space" in your home. As you work, you'll discover  your anxiety melt away & you have room to dance! Wahoo!
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How To Declutter, A-F

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